Tanks, Pressure Vessels and Piping Systems

Automated Ultrasonic Thickness Crawlers

Through the use of automated ultrasonic thickness crawlers, continuous thickness scans can be performed on the shell of carbon steel tanks and vessels, as well as piping systems. This inspection data is presented in a graphical format that can include minimum wall thickness calculations in accordance with a variety of standards such API-653.

API-653 / API-510 / API-570 Inspections

The large inventory of tanks and pressure vessels in the pulp and paper industry has prompted many facilities to adopt API inspection standards. SSS is prepared with an experienced staff of API-653, API-510, and API-570 certified inspectors. 

Engineering Evaluation

SSS full time engineering staff is available to make repair recommendations and assist in data analysis following inspection projects. Remaining life expectancy, future inspection intervals, and a general engineering summary can be included in each evaluation report.

Mechanical Integrity Programs

Maintaining equipment inventory, repair records, and inspection intervals is simple and efficient with SSS's computer database programs. Each program is customized to suit the individual needs of each client and may be included in the cost of an inspection project, or purchased separately.