in the field


SSS along with ATS (our parent company) offer NDT training programs, testing services and inspection capabilities. 

Our NDT courses are designed to help students gain real world knowledge that is necessary to build a good foundation. SSS/ATS Instructors are also Inspectors that have the background and certifications to accomplish many inspections. We also offer Level III Consulting Services (Audits, Personnel Certification, Procedure Writing).

NDT Training Classes:

  • AWS/CWI Preparation Class - Weld Inspection
  • Eddy Current Inspections - ET
  • Film Interpretation
  • Infrared Inspection - IR
  • Leak Testing - LT
  • Level III Refresher Classes
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection - PT
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection - MT
  • NDT Refresher Courses
  • Radiation Safety - RS
  • Radiographic Testing - RT
  • Ultrasonic Inspection - UT
  • Ultrasonic Thickness - UTT
  • Visual Inspection - VT
  • Weld and Flaw Size Evaluation