Accelerated Life Cycle & Wear/Fatigue Testing

Space Science Services has the resources through our parent company to simulate real world wear and tear testing; their Engineers have performed many Accelerated Life Cycle tests as well as fatigue testing on numerous parts. Our range of parts tested includes prototype parts for small business ventures to production components from large industrial and manufacturing corporations.  

Strain Gage Testing & Strain Measurements

Stain gages are used to determine material stress due to static and dynamic loads coming from internal and external sources such as mechanical, thermal and pressure. SSS through the resources of our parent company offers:

  • In-house and Field Strain Gage Applications and Testing
  • Load Monitoring
  • Mechanical Stress Analysis

Personnel can apply the appropriate strain gage type to the test surface, perform data acquisition and provide results to assist in identifying the stress levels to avoid mechanical failure or fatigue. The data can also assist you in verifying your design criteria and/or validate your finite element analysis results.